Action in Odessa

Action in Odessa

Dear residents of Odessa and guests are invited to become participants of "Your golden Klejnod" held in Odessa 05.08.09r. 19.12.09g on. Do you have a great opportunity to win one of the two gold watches from the collection KLEYNOD KLEYNOD GOLD.

The action takes place in stores:

m -n "Kimberly" TC "Athena Gallery", pl. Greek,

1 jewelry m -n "Rainbow", ul. Transfiguration, 32;

ЦУМ , 1 - й этаж . , Отдел часов , ул . Пушкинская , 72;

m -n "Temp" TC "New Large" Str. Panteleimonovskaya, 25;

During the action, you can buy any of the hours KLEYNOD, including gold, with a 10% discount. When buying KLEYNOD hours you get the license certificate and automatically participate in the drawing of the two gold watches KLEYNOD. And buyers of gold watches KLEYNOD, except Certificate, receive a gift and yet the usual hours KLEYNOD, the choice of the prize pool store.

Rally finish off two golden hours KLEYNOD exhibition "Jewellery salon" 19.12.09g. within 14 hours of the conference - hall. Winners will be determined by random selection from the stubs of certificates.

Please note that certificate holders will be able to buy a gold watch Klejnod with 10% discount and after the Shares to 05.08.2010r.

To further confirm their participation in the Promotion, send an SMS with the number of your certificate number +38/050/357 -07-89. The message will cost according to the tariffs of your mobile operator.

Organizers of the action of "Kiev Watch Factory."

Details on the conditions of Shares can be found in stores and by phone:

+38/044/451 -88-65

+38/050/357 -07-89