In October 2002 year at the first time in Ukrainian history the Kiev Watch Factory started production of wrist watches with Ukrainian brand KLEYNOD. The brand name has special meaning for Ukrainian culture. Kleynod is a symbol of government, and before it was symbol of hetman authority in Ukraine. In translation from German to Polish “Kleynod” is jewel. The ownership of Kleynod is the sign of the special status.

The mace of Bohdan Hmelnickiy is the one among the most important signs of Hetman title. It is produced from horn of rhinoceros and inlaid by ivory and dated by XVII century. Before it was property of privet collection of Polish magnate V. Kracinckiy. Now it is kept in the Museum of Polish army in Warszawa where it was brought after the Second World War.

Now the special flag of Bogdan Hmelnickiy that is the main attribute of hetman authority is the property of the Military Museum in Stockholm (Sweden). It was produced as about 1649 year. The abbreviation of hetman name and title is “Б.Х.Г.Е.К.М.Л.О.В.З.” (Bohdan Hmelnitskiy Hetman His King's Mercy of Zaporozhe Military), points on its belonging to great hetman.

At the present time KLEYNOD is, also, the first Ukrainian brand of wrist watches that is produced by Kiev Watch Factory on the basic of own art and designs-and-technological findings. The collection of Ukrainian watches KLEYNOD has combined into one the modern tendency of world watch fashion and the special Ukrainian style. All watches KLEYNOD are assembled on the basic of Swiss movements Ronda, ETA and have the guarantee term is 2 years. On today brand “KLEYNOD” has had recognition among Ukrainian people. More than 150 shops have worked throughout the country where you can buy produce of factory. Also, there are worked more than 20 certificated service centers that make qualified service and repair of watches “KLEYNOD”. Now the factory assortment includes more than 150 models among that are presented the usual watches KLEYNOD, the souvenir watches and the collection watches of exclusive series “KLEYNOD INDEPENDENCE” and, also, 30 models of the gold watches “KLEYNOD GOLD”. Watch model row KLEYNOD always increases by new models. The important achievement was the appearance of exclusive limited collection of the wrist watches “KLEYNOD INDEPENDENCE” that was produced as honor of 15th anniversary of Ukraine Independence. The basic of special design of watches “KLEYNOD INDEPENDENCE” was National Emblem of Ukraine and its main element is Trident. Kiev Watch Factory is presented by collection KLEYNOD GOLD in exclusive segment of watch market. The gold collection astonishes by its fullness and brightness that combines with classical style. There is presented 30 models of lady’s and gent’s watches from pure gold in collection limits. These watches can comply the real admirers of watch art with delicate taste. There is already 100 000 people that have Ukrainian watches KLEYNOD if it is calculated in total amount.

Kiev Watch Factory uses the principle of assembling production. This principle is used as about 95 per sent of all world watch producers. But at the same time there are used only original gilt Swiss movements RONDA or ETA for production of watches KLEYNOD. Watch cases KLEYNOD are produced from stainless steel. All art and design-and-technological decisions have stayed Ukrainian.

Also, Kiev Watch Factory has adopted and brought in the Swiss production technology, renewed all material technical base, bought modern watch equipment that has allowed to assemble watches according to modern technologies. Today the productive capacity of factory allows producing as around 7 thousand of watches within month. Since the beginning of 2007 year Kiev Watch Factory has brought in the innovation four-level principle of technical quality control of watches. It has allowed raising the quality standards to level of Swiss manufactories.

All watches that are produced by Kiev Watch Factory pass through testing programs and quality control according to present standards. A production factory plans imply the constant increasing and renewing of produce assortment on the basic of own designs and broadening of model row.

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